This could be your screening call.


Welcome to the modern way of screening candidates.

Applying for jobs has become too easy.

You get a lot of applicants who aren’t serious about your job at all.

They don’t show up to interviews. They don’t truly want the job. They aren’t serious about the interview process or motivated to get serious about the work.

One thing that solves this problem - and it involves putting a little bit of friction in the application process.

Save atleast an hour every month by setting up a one way screening interview.

You can give your candidates the pitch for the position and your company, in a video on this page.

Ask the same questions you would ask on the virtual or phone screening rounds.

What happens if your candidates don't like this process - you can continue with regular screening for the small group of users who don't do this. But it's very likely that the best candidates will fill this up.

You can fill this application below as a test of how the system works.

You'll get the results of the responses you give as a link on the email address that you fill here.

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  1. How many hours do you spend on screening interviews?
  2. What happens when someone doesn't show up to the screening interview round?
  3. You can skip this file upload 🙂 (while thinking about the files you collect as part of the requirements for the role)
  4. We'd love your feedback on what are your specific challenges around finding time to interview the best candidates.
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